Friday Funny – Series Part 5 Delayed but Life Changes and We Have to Get Used to It, I guess.


I don’t really find the loss of play particularly funny, but life changes and we have to get used to it, I guess. The plan for today was to summarize the previous week’s description of the conversion of my library to a modified bookstore model and give you some links to other libraries that have messed with traditional library arrangements. Children, however, and life changes are directly responsible for my not posting as planned.

We have our 3 lovely granddaughters for a week while their parents take a much deserved holiday and Granny just has nothing left to work with after their bed-time. I remember being at my most productive this time of night when my sons were small, but life changes and we have to get used to it, I guess. The planned final installment will be coming soon. It is in an early draft, so please stay tuned if you are following.


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3 responses to “Friday Funny – Series Part 5 Delayed but Life Changes and We Have to Get Used to It, I guess.

  1. Sheila Guido

    Wow~ Your ideas are amazing! After 20 years in the classroom, I was appointed Technology and information specialist in my school, where I teach tech classes to grades K-6. In addition, I incorporated the library into the tech program. In 15 of the 20 years, no teaching staff has been in the library teaching. It has been run by volunteers and aides, and, well, it’s kind of a mess. I have spent the last 6 months learning the collection and trying to teach research skills to older classes. I was allowed to paint and remove extra furniture to make room for another rug space, but the bookshelves remain basically in their original spaces. I would love to attempt this. My major problem: volunteers help me shelve, and they are having a horrible time with our slightly modified dewey, so I can’t even imagine how they’d figure it out if I went all bookstore on them. I”d love to know if this was an issue for you at all, and how you dealt with it. I am yearning to to here— especially with a parent who owns a bookstore that I’m sure would help me!!!

    • Hello Sheila and welcome to the site. Sadly, I have few volunteers to help me shelve so when I do get someone to help a little, I just give them a small section. I think the trick is very clear signage and labeling. Ideally, I would have a picture classification spine label for each department but failing that, the books in each Island have a different colour-dot and I make sure that the spine labels are uniform so that the Department code on the spine label is an obvious match to the codes on the signs. See picture.

      It’s actually much easier than Dewey. Most of the departments within each Island are quite small – one or two shelves – so the book order within them is not so crucial. It’s not difficult to locate a specific book if it’s out of place. You are so lucky to have a bookstore owner to help. The goal is to ‘market’ the materials just as in retail.

      Your school is very lucky to have you, Sheila. All research instruction is left to each individual teacher in mine and very little is done with books except at the lower level. I’m afraid there’s an awful lot of Googling going on as a predominant research method despite how hard I try to promote better
      methods and resources. I’m not a teacher and my influence is limited to my role as resource procurer and promoter, and technical go-to person.

      Thank you for stopping by with your great comment. I hope this helps a little and that you will stay in touch to let me know how things go with your project.

      All the best,

      • Sheila Guido

        Thanks for responding Cindy! In the past 2 days, I have purchased about 30 baskets, and gathered the leveled readers in those, putting them in a more logical arrangement. I’ve used the baskets to showcase “go to” authors for kids and adults, so book faces are out. I can’t believe the difference $1 baskets and a label maker has made! Feeling very inspired, and seriously considering tackling the non-fiction and ya fiction this summer. My training is all in teaching, not in library science, so I admit to being nervous about “messing it up”. If the goal is to make the library function more efficiently for the patrons- my kids- then it will be worth it all. I promise to check back in as I get more daring!

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