Altered Dickens

David Copperfield by Samuel Feinstein

A Christmas Carol 1904 by Abandonattic

Dickens Handbag by AlteredDecadence

If you’ve followed my blog you are aware of my penchant for altered books. I’m often in awe of the intricate and beautiful carvings and sculptures that artists have created, often inspired directly by the literary art within. The further appeal, to me is the ‘repurposing’ or reusing of books that would otherwise have been burned, buried or shredded; books that have outlived their readability, either because they have literally fallen apart or the content is no longer either useful or acceptable.

Although I’m sure there is a plethora of tattered Dickens out there, I wasn’t really surprised that I didn’t find a lot when searching for images for this post. Dickens should be read and treasured until the pages completely disintegrate – and then by then there would not be much left to carve.

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