Two More Patterned on The House That Jack Built

A few days ago I blogged about a beloved old copy of The House that Jack Built illustrated by Randolph Caldecott that I will not weed along with equally tattered relics. At the end of the article I mentioned how I’ve had fun in the past comparing it with other books that have mimicked the catchy pattern in the story.

Today, while working on the ongoing project of reorganizing my K-2 section I ran across another two titles that I’ve used with this activity.

The Cake that Mack Ate by Rose Robart and joyously illustrated by Maryann Kovalski chronicles all that goes into the cake that Mack (the naughty dog), in the end, eats.  “These are the candles/ That lit up the cake,/ That was made by the woman,/ Who married the farmer,/ Who planted the seed,/ That grew into corn,/ That fed the hen,/ That laid the egg,/ That went into the cake that Mack ate.”

In Jon Scieszka’s inimitable style:

“This is a Book that squashes a Man that stomps a Bug that frays a Rug that trips a Hatter that knocks an Egg that startles a Pieman that flings a Pie that beans a Baby that tosses a Cow that spooks a Dog that chases a Cat that eats a Rat that falls in a Picture in A Book That Jack Wrote. Quantum physics explained in an oil-painting nursery rhyme.”

You can see how much fun it can be to read these take-offs (along with the ones mentioned in the earlier post) and then try some out with the students’ imaginations in gear.

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