Tattoos: What safer committment than to books?

I am now grateful that many factors prevented a younger me from having had inscribed some trite or platitudinous artwork on my body. Aside from the impossibility – my parents would never have signed the permission form – I have always had an aversion to pain.  As well, I was aware, even as a teenager, that I would change: my affections and opinions would evolve and I was too young to commit to a style or philosophy that I would literally wear throughout my lifetime.

These days, though, it is becoming commonplace for teenagers to sport a rendering (of variable artistic merit) of their favourite band, manga character or even corporate logo. I might suggest to them, that if they are set on decorating their skin, they really can’t go wrong with beautiful images of books. Books span the full range of ages, lifestyles, beliefs and (almost all) political philosophies. But even more importantly, books, unlike birds and swords, tend to look ‘loved’ as they wrinkle, stretch and tatter.

Click on the images above to go to their sources, many of which sites yield more ‘bookish’ and literary tatoos.

I especially enjoyed A (Not So) Complete History of Literary Tattoos



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2 responses to “Tattoos: What safer committment than to books?

  1. I would shake the hand of whoever got that Matilda tattoo. MATILDA!! Proper Dahl-style illustration, that’s just beautiful.

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