Finding Copyright-Free Material on the Web

“The OpenContent UCT project at the University of Cape Town tries to encourage academics to create resources which can be shared and reused by their colleagues as well as other educators or self-learners. These resources, shared openly on the internet, can be discovered, used and remixed by teachers around the world and are often referred to as open educational resources or OER.”

YouTube Link with additional information.

I’m often looking for Copyright Free material to use at school, on my school website and here on this blog. I was thrilled to discover many sites that I was unaware of where such material can be found. There are a lot of generous people who opening share their skill, talents and knowledge to enrich us all.

The following “…presentation showcases various sites where you can find open images, audio, video, software, comics and more. By using open resources, you are free to share your work without fear of infringing copyright.” 

View more presentations from ShihaamD
Click here and scroll down the page for a list of the sites featured in the slide show.

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