Publisher’s Weekly Releases Best Books of 2011

And at the top of the children’s picture book categories is
Mouse and Lion
by Rand Burkert, Nancy Eckholm Burkert (Scholastic/di Capua)

Retellings of the classic Aesop’s fable of good deeds rewarded are legion, but few are as elegantly and richly conceived as this mother-son collaboration. To say that the naturalistic and astonishingly detailed illustrations bring the African savannah to life hardly does them justice—paired with the story’s spare prose, each spread forms an intimate, perfectly framed vignette, charged with emotion.
Children’s Fiction: The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler (Razorbill)
These collaborators use a surprising and inventive premise—teens in 1996 gaining access to their future Facebook pages by way of an AOL disk—to explore the connections between the present and the future, and the consequences of our actions. Underneath the fantastical conceit and the fun is an authentic story that asks important questions.
I wish I could say I was always on ahead of the game, but these two at least are going into my order cart. Click on either image to take you to the Publisher’s Weekly pages.
Dianna Dilworth blogs about an web-based app that PW has put out to explore their list. Looks pretty cool. I plan to check it out when I get on to my (much less sensitive/newer) computer at work.

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