Beyond All the Other Benefits, iPad is a Money Saver for Schools

The Westlake High School in Austin, Texas, “…has distributed iPads to all junior and senior students, as well as teachers, administrators, librarians, and counselors”, and is documenting their pilot project in The WIFI–Eanes ISD iPad Pilot Project, chronicling the rollout and the innovative ways the iPad is being used. I’m adding the link to my sidebar to follow this project as I’ve just received an iPad on loan to investigate it’s potential uses in my library. Yes, I want 30 ASAP and perhaps I can convince administration when I show the very interesting list posted in The Swiss-Army Knife of Education, where the writer looks at…

“…some concrete and tangible examples of how the iPad is going to save our district money. And we’re not talking just about lack of paper, we’re talking about technology that we bought in the past, may have allocated for in the future, but will never spend again because the iPad has quickly rendered it obsolete. What follows is a list and cost of items that we won’t buy anymore because of the iPad and possible others that we might not buy again.”

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